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Vinhos Açorianos

The history of Azorean wines began a few hundred years ago. Nowadays, thanks to the renowned oenologists, such as António Maçanita from the "Azores Wine Company", Anselmo Mendes and Diogo Lopes from the "Adega Cooperativa dos Biscoitos" and Bernardo Cabral from the "Cooperativa Vitivinícula da Ilha do Pico" and hundreds of producers, the genuine wines of Azores are today a scarce product, sought after and exclusive product. Its recognition is a constant by national and international experts, valuing the quality and authenticity of the grapes of our islands.

The production comes in part from natural resources offered by the islands, specifically Pico Island, which produces ⅔ Azorean wine. The vineyards are in extreme conditions, very close to the sea and planted in the cracks of the mother rock, in volcanic soil, very different from the usual soil, which creates a unique authenticity in the flavors of the wines.

The influence of the mountain and the clouds that usually surround them, led the man to plant the vineyards so close to the sea. Man-made stone corrals some 500 years ago, which since 2004 have been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, protect the vineyards from wind and sea salt, creating a warmer microclimate for the vineyards.

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